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Our mission is to eliminate the power foreign governments have in solely determining our rights to live, travel, work and retire wherever we want to.

Creating a residency and mobility portfolio is a highly pragmatic and synergistic strategy for Bitcoin investors to seriously consider, especially in the post-pandemic era.

Global Mobility Assets for Sovereign Individuals​

Governments and centralized institutions impose arbitrary & unpredictable restrictions based solely on nationality.

We build customized portfolios of mobility and residency solutions tailor made to meet the professional and lifestyle aspirations of crypto currency enthusiasts.

Firm Overview

Citizens of Bitcoin is an exclusive membership-based global investment platform that connects forward-thinking digital asset investors to custom-built portfolios of highly vetted, professionally managed, international investment opportunities, launched by the Global Residency & Citizenship Group.

Headquartered in Miami, FL, the Global Residency & Citizenship Group is the first U.S.-based investment advisory firm built to enhance international access and opportunity for American investors, professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees by shattering the restrictions placed on their freedom by virtue of holding a single passport.



Rogelio Caceres

CEO & Founder
First Generation U.S. Immigrant

Yuri Lau

Yuri Lau

Dutch national


Stephane Tajick

Managing Director Products
First Generation Canada Immigrant

Tate Worswick

Tate Worswick

Managing Director, Business Development
First Generation U.S. Immigrant


Manoli Giamas

Vice President
First Generation U.S. Immigrant

Bitcoin 2021 Pitch Day Finalist

While Citizens of Bitcoin did not place in the top two of its respective competition, its founder and CEO, Rogelio Caceres, had positive things to say about the experience as well.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the Bitcoin 2021 conference and highly recommend it,” he said. “Both the experience of competing as a finalist at Pitch Day, as the only Miami-based startup selected, as well as sponsoring a booth, exceeded our expectations. In fact, we have generated nearly $500,000 in revenues from new clients we met at the conference to date.”

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