BTC Passport Index

See which passports rank based on visa mobility,
scarcity in the 2nd passport market
and geopolitic importance

The BTC Passport Index ranks all the world countries on the BTC value of their passport. We define the value of the passport solely as a “travel document”, in its ability to offer visa-free travel. The BTC Passport Index uses the RCG Passport Index, the world’s most accurate passport ranking.   



The BTC Passport Index is the first to provide a Satoshi-based Value of a passport based on the current market price. The Passport Value is established based on the Second Passport Market.

In that market, you find countries offering citizenship by investment programs that fast-track foreigners towards naturalization in only a few months. In that market, only a few destinations are key in defining the value they hold. These values were based on their number of annual touristic arrivals, scarcity in the 2nd passport market, and their geopolitical importance. 

In addition, each market price is at equilibrium with a supply of 1000 places a year and priced for a single individual. A Passport Base Value is set at $40,000.  

The base value is the highest priced value in relation to the access to the jurisdiction. The value lowers as the access to the jurisdiction lowers e.g. Freedom of Movement in the Schengen Area is valued at $400,000 but visa-free travel of 90 days in 180-day period is valued at $80,000.

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