Digital assets + Mobility assets = Freedom

Our mission is to help decentralize sovereign residency rights
into the hands of individuals yearning to be truly sovereign

Global Mobility Assets
for Bitcoin Hodlers

This block consists of fundamental residency and citizenship options, including start-up visas & e-Residency options.

  • Live or work in Bitcoin hotspots 
  • Application processes from 30-60 days
  • Investment options of up to $350,000

We have selected our Whale Programs based on different criteria. The programs in this block are a mix of citizenship by investment & residency solutions.

  • Visa-free travel to over 170 countries
  • Right of settlement within the EU, US or other
  • Investment options from $350,000+

Governments and centralized institutions impose arbitrary & unpredictable restrictions based solely on nationality.

Travel Restrictions

(Business &


(Second Home, Start a Business,

As Citizens of Bitcoin, we kept asking ourselves...

How can we mobilize capital to drive an increase in access, opportunity and peace of mind for forward-thinking individuals and their families?

Citizens of Bitcoin
Global Mobility Asset Platform


Allows investors to open a business remotely in a tech-based and tax-friendly location. It provides a government issued digital identity to a company.

Nomad Visas

Simple, fast, efficient temporary residence in a popular and tax-friendly destination. Enables you to work and/or manage your assets.

Talent Visas

Awarded based on professional skill sets/profile. Preferential treatment in adjudication process. May require work offer.


Requires setup of new business in destination country, potentially must be considered “innovative” and/or create new jobs.


Awarded temporary residency permit (~12 months) by demostrating financial wherewithal to support oneself financially. Not permitted to work in destination country.


Flexible residence for passive investors. Often offering a residence to property buyers. Low physical presence requirements.


Claim an EU passport by ancestry or descent that extends further than parents. A process that could require no residency.


Acquire citizenship via investment in destination country. Low physical presence requirements. Passive investment.

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