Global Mobility Assets

For Bitcoin Hodlers

Governments and centralized institutions impose arbitrary & unpredictable restrictions based solely on nationality.

We build customized portfolios of mobility and residency solutions tailor made to meet the professional and lifestyle aspirations of crypto currency investors.

The Genesis Block

Creating a residency and mobility portfolio is a highly pragmatic and synergistic strategy for Bitcoin investors to seriously consider, especially in the post-pandemic era. Find some of the bailout programs for your global mobility below:

El Salvador

Residency by 3 BTC investment

  • Permanent residency in El Salvador
  • Currently being drafted
  • Sign up for the waitlist

Panama City

Qualified Investor

  • Panama citizenship after 5 years
  • Application process from 30 days
  • Investment options from $300,000


Start-up Visa

  • Temporary residency in the UK
  • Application process from 3 weeks
  • No investment required


Global Talent Visa Program

  • Permanent residency in Australia
  • Application process from 60 days
  • No investment required


Start-up Visa

  • Permanent residency in Canada
  • Application process from 180 days
  • Investment options from 350,000 CAD


Global Citizen Concierge Program

  • Temporary residency in Cayman Islands
  • Application process from 3-5 weeks
  • No investment required


Cyprus Golden Visa

  • Visa-free travel in the schengen area
  • Application process from 60 days
  • Investment options from 300,000 EUR


Germany EU Blue Card

  • Permanent residency in Germany
  • Application process from 12 months
  • Investment options from 325,000 EUR


Malta Permanent Residence Programme

  • Visa-free travel in the Schengen area
  • Application process from 120-180 days
  • Investment options from 160,000 EUR


Estonia e-Residency

  • Digital Residency in Estonia
  • Application process from 3-8 weeks
  • No investment required


Investor Visa

  • Visa-free travel to EU (90 days)
  • Application process from 30 days
  • Investment options from 500,000 AED


Portugal Golden Visa

  • Physical Presence: 7 days a year
  • Right of settlement within the EU
  • Investment options from 350,000+ EUR


Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

  • Work remotely from anywhere in Croatia
  • Application process from 15 days
  • Temporary residency in Croatia for 12 months

Whale Programs


Significant Investor Visa

  • Permanent residency in Australia
  • Application process from 20-24 months
  • Investment options from $1.5 million AUD


Independent Means

  • Renewable 25-year resident permit
  • Application process from 60 days
  • Annual income of at least $144,000


Tier 1 & Tier 2 Investor Visa

  • Temporary residency in New Zealand
  • Application process from 14 months
  • Investment options from $3 million NZD


Maltese Exceptional Investor Naturalization

  • Visa-free travel to Europe & US
  • 1-3 years for citizenship
  • Investment options from $690,000


Tier 1 Investor Visa

  • Visa-free travel to over 170 countries
  • British citizenship after 5-6 years
  • Investment options from 2-10M GBP


Swiss Lump-Sum Taxation

  • Permanent residency in Switzerland
  • Application process from 3-4 months
  • No minimum investment amount

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