Australia Investor Visa

Australia has attracted high net worth investors for a number of years due to its stable economy, pleasant climate, highly developed infrastructure, and excellent education and healthcare. Australia has the world’s 9th largest immigrant population, with immigrants accounting for 26% of the population.


Australia Investor Visa

In 2018, Australia overtook Switzerland to become the country with the highest average wealth. Australia was the only advanced economy not to experience a recession due to the global financial downturn in 2008–2009.

The Investor Stream offers two programs: the Australia Investor Visa and the Australia Significant Investor Visa. After four years of holding an investment under these visa programs, you are eligible for permanent residency in the country. After an additional 12 months, you can apply for Australian citizenship. A third option, the Premium Investor Visa, is being suspended for summer 2021.

Australia Crypto Environment

Australia is one of the best countries when it comes to cryptocurrencies and the business opportunities that come with them. So it’s no surprise that many Australian startups are at the forefront of blockchain development. In recent years, there has been active participation from both the government and the private sector.

Many influential on-chain analysts like Checkmate and Willy Woo also call Australia home.

Country Overview

Program Overview


25.5 million

Australian Dollar



Program Overview

Legal Status
Permanent resident

EU (90 days in 180 days),
U.S. (90 days)

20-24 months

Min. Investment
$1.5 million AUD

Physical Presence
160 days over 4 years

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Who Can Qualify?


Under the Australia Investor Stream, you will need to invest in the country and hold that investment for at least four years. At the end of those four years, you can renew your permit or apply for permanent residency.

Australia Investor Visa

Under the Australia Investor Visa, you will need to invest $1.5 million AUD in territory security. You will need to be nominated by the territory you wish to reside in. After residing for two of the four years in Australia, you can qualify for permanent residency. You will gain interest from the investment. The rate is set by the territory in which you apply.

Australia Significant Investor Visa

The Australia Significant Investor Visa is often the favored path taken by investors. You will have more lenient conditions for qualification and more freedom in terms of investment options. You are required to invest at least $5 million AUD, of which $500,000 must be placed in venture capital and growth private equity funds that invest in small private companies and start-ups. At least another $1.5 million AUD must be placed in approved managed funds investing in emerging companies on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The remaining amount, which is at least $3 million AUD, must be invested in managed funds that may be within a range of assets:

  • ASX-listed companies
  • Corporate bonds or notes
  • Commercial real estate
  • Annuities

Direct investment into the residential property market is ineligible. Limited possibilities exist when done through a managed fund.


Under the Australia Investor Stream, you gain temporary residency that’s valid for four years and three months. It can lead to permanent residency if the investment is held for at least four years. The minimum stay requirement is two years within the four-year period for the Australia Investor Visa.

Under the Australia Significant Investor Visa, the applicant has a minimum stay requirement of at least 40 days per year (which are calculated cumulatively). If the main applicant cannot meet that minimum stay requirement, his or her spouse can qualify both parties by having a physical presence in Australia for at least 180 days per year (also calculated cumulatively). After the receipt of the permanent resident permit, you can apply for Australian citizenship after 12 months.

The Australian passport is one of the best in the world, with visa-free travel to over 180 countries. These destinations include Europe’s Schengen Area and the U.S.


The principal applicant can include his or her spouse, common-law partner and unmarried children under the age of 18. There are specific requirements for children over the age of 18 to demonstrate dependency, such as enrollment in a university. Children 23 years or older cannot be included except in very limited circumstances. Those circumstances include mental or physical disabilities.


The sets of requirements are different for the Australia Investor Visa and the Australia Significant Investor Visa (SIV). The SIV presents fewer requirements on the candidate. As an SIV applicant, you will need to demonstrate a net worth of at least $5 million AUD.

Other common requirements:

  • The applicant must prove the source of the funds used for the investment have been lawfully acquired
  • You must provide a police clearance certificate. You will fail the character test if sentenced to 12 months or more in prison, or have multiple sentences that add up to more than 12 months in prison. A suspended sentence is considered a prison sentence
  • You must have valid health insurance covering your stay in Australia
  • You must make a genuine and realistic commitment to live in the nominating state or territory and continue that business investment in Australia
  • You must sign the Australian values statement, which implies that you will have no involvement in unacceptable investment activities

Additional requirements for Investor Visa applicants are:

  • You must be below 55 years of age (though some states or territories can waive this requirement if your investment will be of exceptional economic benefit)
  • You must score at least 65 points on the profile test
  • You must have at least $2.5 million AUD net worth
  • You or your spouse, during at least one of the five years before your application, must have at least 10 percent combined ownership interest in an ineligible business, or an eligible investment ownership of at least $1.5 million AUD

Australia Investor Visa Application Process

The Australia Investor Visa Program application process takes 22-24 months for a decision. 

Day 0
Day 0
  • Verify eligibility
  • Start client onboarding process with Global RCG.
  • Global RCG helps you gather the required documents.
  • Global RCG assists you in choosing your investment option
Day 0
Day 1
Day 1
Submit an expression of interest (EOI) in order to be nominated by a state or territory government
Day 1
Month 6
Month 6
Upon receiving a nomination from a state or territory government and an invitation to apply, the submission of an online visa application happens within 60 days
Month 6
Month 20
Month 20
Upon receiving the approval-in-principle of the visa application, the investor will be advised when to make the complying investment
Month 20
Month 24
Month 24
Upon making the complying investment, the temporary visa will be issued
Month 24
Year 6
Year 6
You can renew your investor visa or apply for permanent residency
Year 6
Year 7
Year 7
After 12 months of permanent residency, you are eligible for Australian citizenship
Year 7


Access to the U.S.

The Australian passport is one of the best in the world, with visa-free travel to over 180 countries. These destinations include Europe’s Schengen Area and the U.S.

Access to the US

Australia is one of the nations listed in the U.S. visa-waiver program. In effect, this means Australian citizens can visit America for 90 without applying for a tourist visa. Australia also has E-1 and E-2 treaty agreements with the U.S. These are nonimmigrant visas that allow Australians to set up a business in the U.S.


Australia’s tax system is one of the most investor-friendly in the Western world. Australia has signed a tax treaty with the U.S., reducing the exposure to double taxation for Americans living in Australia.

Dividends earned in Australia are taxed at 50% of the individual tax rate. Foreign income is taxed at a regular income tax rate and can lead to additional tax exposure for Americans. Under the Australia Investor Visa, you will need to be a tax resident for two years out of the four to be granted permanent residency.

Please note that the Australia Significant Investor Visa doesn’t require you to be a tax resident in Australia. Though if you are planning to become a tax resident in Australia, you should consult a professional tax planner beforehand.

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